A simple process with beautiful results

Procad Design Process

Share your dream

Bringing your dream home to life begins with a free in-person meeting.

If you are renovating an existing space, we will tour the site with you to ensure we understand your needs. For a custom home design, we’ll invite you to one of our offices so you can share your vision and we can let you know more about our process.

Our first meeting is your opportunity to tell us about you. We want to hear about your life; how frequently you entertain, if you’re an early riser who loves natural light, or if you need some extra space for your rare book collection, this is the time to let us know. Together, we’ll identify some images of homes you love and start to formulate your new home design.


Preliminary Design

Throughout the design process, you are given the opportunity to work with us to make changes and ensure everything is just right.

For a home renovation, the first step is to measure your existing home.

For a custom designed home and a home renovation, we will draw a site plan to begin figuring out how the home will fit on the property. We will use the information gathered from our discussions, rough sketches, and sample photos to start modelling the home in 3D.

We will meet to review this preliminary conceptual model. You will have the opportunity to view the first draft of the house design, complete with floorplans and exterior views of the home. We can also do a basic 3D walkthrough so you can get a feel for the space.

Technical Design

Once you are satisfied with the preliminary design, we will add the details required to proceed with construction. These details include things such as foundation plans, roof structure, and detailed measurements; all details necessary for your construction to proceed.

We are well versed with adhering to building codes across B.C. and will coordinate with engineers and contractors as needed. Throughout this step, we will ensure that your original vision is the focus of everyone on your building team.


Congratulations! Your plans are now ready for building permit application and construction.

We will hand off the plans to you so you can apply for your building permit. This part of the process can seem daunting, but we are ready to help as needed.

We’ll coordinate as needed with your contractor and city officials throughout the construction or renovation process. If you have any questions or concerns as construction proceeds, we will be here to help until your dream becomes your reality.